ISSUE 9 (Mar-Apr ’14)

Old Guard and New Uddipana Goswami
Memories of Kanchenjunga Sumana Roy

ISSUE 8 (Jan-Feb ’14)

Old Man River Uddipana Goswami
Red River Sumana Roy

ISSUE 7 (Nov-Dec ’13)

One Year On Uddipana Goswami
Cloak Room Sumana Roy

ISSUE 6 (Sept-Oct ’13)

Goddess Games Galore Uddipana Goswami
Book-Cricket Sumana Roy

ISSUE 5 (Jul-Aug ’13)

Passion and Practicalities Uddipana Goswami
Readers Anonymous Sumana Roy

ISSUE 4 (May-Jun ’13)

A Nation Not Of Woman Born Uddipana Goswami
Blood-Nations Sumana Roy

ISSUE 3 (Mar-Apr ’13)

Inside The Tin Trunk Uddipana Goswami
Calcutta, the Many Dimensions Sumana Roy

ISSUE 2 (Jan-Feb ’13)

Old and New in the Now Uddipana Goswami

ISSUE 1 (Nov-Dec ’12)

Going Glocal Uddipana Goswami


One response to “EDITORIAL


    Ms Uddipana Goswami I am impressed that you are doing a great
    service to literature.
    Nicely designed.


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