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Tanmay Singh

Book I: Slicing of Potato Pizzazz


Fruitlandia is a land of fresh and healthy fruits. They are peaceful and fun-loving. But they are forever getting attacked by Repelling Food Powers of Junklandia. OctoBan is the superhero who has been entrusted with the task of saving Fruitlandia. He is an ordinary fruit, Banana-O in normal times, turning into a superhero when need arises. He is called OctoBan because eight sides of his banana peel are like tentacles of an octopus. But nobody knows he is a superhero except his family and his friend Apple-I. Apple-I also helps Banana-O in his missions. Together, they keep Fruitlandia safe from dangerous forces.


It was an ordinary day in Fruitlandia. Almost every one was awake. Most of the people who were awake were enjoying their breakfast. Some people were leaving for work.
Banana-O and his friend, Apple-I were getting together with their families for a brunch. Only Banana-O and his friend, Apple-I and their families knew that he was OctoBan, the banana superhero. So, they understood if Banana-O had to leave in a hurry. Banana-O did not always like having to leave his family, but he knew that duty calls.
After a long brunch, it was around 4 o clock that Banana-O was relaxing at home. But then his watch communicator went crazy telling him that the evil Potato Pizzazz was attacking Orange Pulp, one of the five towns near the city. Quickly, Banana-O went from being Banana-O to OctoBan and flew right out the nearest window.
OctoBan went straight to the town where Potato Pizzazz was attacking. He activated his leg and arm lasers to distract Potato Pizzazz. He then used his web shooter after he got Potato Pizzazz’s attention to pull him near so he could attack with his super strength. But that did not work.
So OctoBan flew around for two minutes dodging Potato Pizzazz’s attacks while thinking what to do. Then he remembered. He always carried a flame thrower and a rocket launcher on his back to attack. He used his flame thrower to burn PotatoPizzazz’s unhealthy pizzas.
And he succeeded.
But not for long.


OctoBan’s flame thrower ran out of fuel to ignite. So he started using his rocket launcher. And he kept using it until he had its special five rockets left. Even though OctoBan had only his special five rockets left, PotatoPizzazz was really hurt by now.
OctoBan used his first special rocket, the flame rocket which sets enemies on fire. Unfortunately, PotatoPizzazz was hovering above a lake. So the rocket only hurt him.
OctoBan’s second rocket was a drill rocket. So he could drill through his pizza shield. And that worked. Now PotatoPizaazz’s shield was gone.
OctoBan’s third rocket was a rock rocket that could be used to destroy PotatoPizzazz’s pizza blasts. He fired it and it did exactly that. It also hurt PotatoPizaazz’s edge.
OctoBan’s fourth rocket was an ice rocket to freeze PotatoPizzazz’s pizzas turning them into frozen pizzas firing them back at him.
The frozen pizzas hurt him a lot and the rocket blew up near him. That made him retreat back to his base.
OctoBan saved the day once again.


Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh is ten and lives in Atlanta, US. He is passionate about animals, and writes about saving them at He is currently building a LegoCity in his spare room. He wants to be a NASA engineer when he grows up. This story is first in a series he wants to write about the banana superhero, OctoBan.

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Imran Alexander Batra

Imran's gulmohar tree

Gulmohar Tree

Imran BatraImran Alexander Batra is 12 years old and lives in Delhi. He loves stories in words and pictures and is learning to play the guitar.

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