Reviews, Previews, Essays and More

ISSUE 8 (Jan-Feb ’14)

What the Future Will Look Like Nithin Bagal
Broken-ness of Broken Lives: The Scatter Here is Too Great Bilal Tanweer
The World In My Hands: A Fast-paced Novel Roksana Badruddoja
An Unfinished Dream Called Gorkhaland: Nun Cha Chaiti Mitra

ISSUE 7 (Nov-Dec ’13)

Film Noir Feel: The Girl From Nongrim Hills Adit Baruah
India Since 1947: An Attempt at Redrawing the Map of India Debojit Dutta and Manjiri Indurkar

ISSUE 6 (Sept-Oct ’13)

Crafted With the Skill of a Detective Novelist: Triumph in Bombay KVK Murthy
Aruni’s Assam: The House With a Thousand Stories Arijit Sen
Realism, Magic Realism – The King’s Harvest Dhruba Hazarika
Ethnicity and Micro-Nationalisms – Conflict and Reconciliation: The Politics of Ethnicity in Assam Neville Maxwell
Where Past and Present Meet – Khanduma’s Curse: Lovers and Witches in the Eastern Himalayas Gaurav Deka
Unpedantic, Unflowery: The Gurkha’s Daughter Navita Pradhan

ISSUE 5 (Jul-Aug ’13)

The Absurd as Political: Lost Men Akhil Katyal
Completed Journeys, Incomplete Truths:  Journey to Ithaca Priyasha Mukhopadhyay
Pervasive Nature of Facebook : Facebook Phantom Shreya Bhattacharya
Of Cosmopolitanism and Ethno-nationalis: Northeastern Migrants in Delhi  Amit R Baishya

ISSUE 4 (May-Jun ’13)

Of Short-fuse Memories and Phallic Vegetables: Che in Paona Bazaar Anirban Bandopadhyay
Superfluous People: Our Moon Has Blood Clots Dilip Simeon
‘The Placeness of This Place’: Dirty Love Arzuman Ara
Mapping the Horizon: Guwahati Gaze Mitali Goswami

ISSUE 3 (Mar-Apr ’13)

Dream Renewed: On Black Sister’s Street Uche Umezurike
Calcutta, Will You Be Eating at Home Tonight? Calcutta: Two Years in the City Saikat Chakraborty
The Spoken Word and Janice Pariat’s Boats on Land Isawanda Laloo
Spaced Out and Threaded In: Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures Bibhash Choudhury
Bulbuli’s Bamboo: Cradled in a Bamboo World Ananya S Guha

ISSUE 2 (Jan-Feb ’13)

Terror Has Many Faces: The Other Side of Terror Amit R Baishya
The Life and Times of Mereng Deepika Phukan
Zadie Smith’s Definition of Story: NW Amy Fladeboe

ISSUE 1 (Nov-Dec ’12)

On Anuradha Roy’s The Folded Earth Mary Susan Johnston


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