ISSUE 11: OCT-DEC 2014

When Autumn Came

Freedom Kaberi Kachari Rajkonwor
Smell Spells Shruti Sareen
Returning Ashfaq Saraf
Autumn Surrender Vinita Agrawal
Northern Summer Goirick Brahmachari

The Displaced Khem K Aryal

Moohi Conversations In Deep-Time Gunnel Cederlöf
Essay Jane Helen Rowlands: Portrait Of A Welsh-Bengali Life Nabanipa Bhattacharjee

New Narratives: Founding an Empire on India’s North-Eastern Frontiers Suryasikha Pathak


2 responses to “ISSUE 11: OCT-DEC 2014

  1. chinmoyee bharali

    i need to cntct u…give me ur email

    adres or phn no

  2. Poornima

    When can we expect the next issue and how will I know if my accepted poem will be published in it or not

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