Uddipana Goswami

The Northeast Review was born of passion, and a vision. Over the last couple of years, we have tried to bring our readers the best in reading experience. However, truth be told, our editors – each one of us – have had to overcome tremendous odds to keep the journal alive and well. And we will continue to do so in the years to come.

So this is not goodbye. Far from it. It is just a promise that we will keep striving for the same level of commitment and excellence that our readers have come to expect of us. In order to do that, though, we will have to go easy on ourselves. We will have to give ourselves the time and breathing space required to cull out the outstanding and exemplary in contemporary writing. And then present it all to you to feast on.

We are starting by revising our periodicity of publication. The Northeast Review will now be an annual journal. This current issue then is the last that we will be bringing you this year. We shall, of course, be adding more content to this issue in the days to come. And we hope you will continue sending us your comments, feedback and contributions.


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