Jyotirmoy Talukdar

Making love is not as easy
As shown in short films.

The pharmacy may ask your age,
The rickshawpuller, turning an agent,
Your budget for the night.
His face flashing
A devil’s smirk that ambitious Paharganj night.

The hotelier may scan bags and breasts
And how you two relate.
He’ll keep your residential certificate
For the police to scan
And your number and purpose
To double-check.

The room, you fear, may have hidden cameras
The bulbs and almirahs can be moles.
The boys’ knocks may never let you

You may not switch on the light
And instead grope in darkness
Lest lights should help filming.
Despite the season, you may even order two blankets
After all, cameras can
Have eyes of a cat.

Devoid of lights and full of sweat
Even before you start,
Sirens saying silence is possibly  preferable
This night
To forced-out moans,

You think,
Making love is not as easy
As loving.
Nor as effortless.

jtJyotirmoy Talukdar is a struggling journalist based in New Delhi. He plans to return to Guwahati and open a bookstore shortly.

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