Namrata Pathak

I saw poky bamboo leaves thrusting out of the wall
the day my father lay on the hospital bed.
His amputated words are
I saw camera-views coming out of his pomegranate lips.
His body a map in the nucleomed lab, small territories pasted on his stretchable skin.
Splayed across the green, I saw him smiling.

I have two suns for his smile, one for me. One for my brother.
The brown line that cuts the images, the jagged line,
Is inked in blue.
A replica of a forgotten disease
spins its dancing feet across
his belly button,
A pink lotus, creased in constriction,
Stands upright in his navel.
And between his fingers
a web of history.
Seeing too much in camera-views,
I dread not to see
the contours of a curvaceous dream.


namrataNamrata Pathak is an assistant professor in the Department of English, N.E.H.U, Tura Campus, Meghalaya. Her areas of interest are Performance Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Literature from the North East, Dalit Writing and so on. Her book titled Trends in Contemporary Assamese Theatre is published by Patridge, a Penguin Random House Company. Currently she is working on a book funded by N.E.H.U, Speaking from the Periphery: Women’s Writing in the North-East. Her articles and research papers are published in national and international journals of repute.



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