Sapna Kappal

My family I am missing you,
This is no lie, it’s absolutely true.

My love for you grows everyday,
While studying and even while play.

My life because of you is bright,
You give me rain and light.

Out here without you I feel lonely,
You are the only bright thing in life, you only.

Out here I miss you,
And I’m sure that you miss me too.

Even though you get angry and boil like fire,
For me forever you are more precious than sapphire.

Now, we are living in different towns,
Dear family thanks for supporting me in my ups and downs.

As I sit in the sun or rainy days,
The lovely thought for you I always have.


Sapna Kappal is a student of the sixth standard at Vibgyor High, Balewadi, Pune. She is an ardent writer, orator and electronic keyboard player.
Sapna Kappal

Sapna Kappal


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One response to “FAR FROM MY FAMILY

  1. Love the poem Sapna, beautifully expressed….Keep writing your wonderful thoughts and feelings…

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