Sumana Roy

divyaLatecomers turn excuses to fanciful reasons. We have to join their company for the Sharodiya issue. Three people running a magazine is a joke, we know, but we are happy to laugh along with you even when the joke is on us. I hope you will enjoy the poems, stories, essays and artwork as much as you do the season: Saikat Majumdar writes for us again, giving us an extract from a work-in-progress, V Ramaswamy translates a story by Subimal Misra, Samrat Choudhury writes about the pujas in Shillong, Ashfaq Saraf writes about autumn in Kashmir, Rumpa Das tells us a new Durga story, Rini Barman writes about plants in the festive season, Vinita Agarwal looks at autumn’s interiority, Shruti Sareen at its smells, Subhadeep Paul at the goddess’s womanhood, and Arjun Chaudhuri writes about the many women that constitute Durga.

I hope you enjoy the reading festival.


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