Naomi Bagal


I went to Milan for vacation. Milan is a city in Italy. I stayed close to a very big and famous church called the Duomo. The Duomo has a bronze statue on top of its many spires. In the square called the Piazza del Duomo, there were lots of people and pigeons walking around. The people were taking pictures, waiting in line to go inside the church and talking and having fun.

On Tuesday, I went to the roof of the Duomo. It was a lot of walking. The way I got to the top was by lift. If you went by stairs you would have to climb 250 steps. When I looked down, I realized how high I was and everything on the street looked tiny. There were little steps that I climbed leading to little windows looking into the church.

Milan has nice little walks and great bus tours. The bus I took on Monday and Tuesday was a double decker bus. I loved sitting on the top. I saw Milan’s castle which I had visited earlier. I also saw a very big soccer stadium and many other fabulous buildings.

I visited an Opera House called La Scala, and an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, paintings and writings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next morning I woke up at five and went to the airport. I didn’t go straight to the U.S. First, I went to Brussels in Belgium, then to the U.S. It is good to be home.

Milan is a good place to visit but I really think they need to cut down on the smoking.


Naomi Bagal is a newly-minted third-grader whose favorite sport is swimming. She also enjoys drawing, reading mysteries and playing the piano.


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  1. Aakangshita Dutta

    I loved the entry, it was may i say – ‘conciously clinical’ ! Besides the Big Church, where one of its right hand doors actually have marks from the shelling from WWII, Milan also incidentally has Da Vinci’s original ‘Last Supper’ hidden away in a very non descript Church Ante, down the street from the Station – perhaps you can check that out the next time you stop over.

  2. Agree, Naomi – they really need to cut down the smoking! Love the virtual tour of Milan, thank you!

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