Jyothsna Phanija

© Divya Adusumilli

© Divya Adusumilli

Ginette Harrison

Colours sketched caves on  the north face,
I can hardly see the searing light.
Melting ice-steps inside,
Exhausted   Gary struggling for breath,
I held his hand firmly.
Still, I can draw the physiology of this altitude.
He pointed at the ice, covering another story.
I saw through the ice-chimney alone,
Holding the Japanese rope,
Followed the footsteps.
I believed in the afternoon,
Will return the way to write my name in notebooks.

A Treasured sari

At her bridal evening,
She wears that treasured sari
Which was gifted along with a golden lotus and a sandal scent flower.
Layers of saffron folded, pallor glaciers flora fixed,
Snow scorched faces hidden in silver mirrors,
Mixed colours busy in listening the grasslands,
Coniferous designs, gibbous pearls architected,
Trigonometric calculations coiled around momo soft spices,
Shades of seasons enveloped, she walks towards the procession.
Sonata of tamur and teesta,
Enthralls the embroidered pebbles.



Sunrise with its usual lazy orographic eyelids,
Shades the pale sky where,
Misspelled signboards,
Confusing maps,
Unreturned ones,
Amuse at their half forgotten memories,
Etched in the expeditions.


jyothsnaphanija photoJyothsna Phanija is a PhD research scholar in English Literature at EFL University, Hyderabad, India. Her poetry has  appeared in Melusine, Muddy River Poetry Review, CounterPunch, American Diversity Report, Coldnoon, Luvah, Kritya, Rædleafpoetry India,  and several others. Her short story has appeared in eFiction India and her research articles in Subalternspeak, eDhvani, Wizcraft, Barnolipi and in several books.

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