Pooja Garg Singh

Love is not a mountain I scale
staying in the shadows of perhaps
They run close to the ledge,
but not true to form,
I wish it away.
For as long as you are a free fall,
I will let go.

Really you are the heights
of icy resolve.
Some summits run parallel
to conquest.
I look for analogy
in a perpendicular topography.
I become Sisyphus to
your Kanchenjunga.

Time is the only river I know.
I step on years to
move upstream.
Rebirth is the game I play,
death you escape.
We aim for slush.
Unformed words return
molten and wet.
But where is the quiet ?
Can thaw be so noisy ?

My days are a room that
measure your lengthening
Suddenly, distance is not
about space. But time.
And timing. What else
makes the room grow
in the morning and
reduced in the evening ?

Like someone left.

Or something.


Note : Tradition demands that Kanchenjunga summit remain unconquered.


Pooja Garg SinghPooja Garg Singh is a Denver-based writer and poet. She writes on feminist issues and culture. Her articles, essays and poems have been published in magazines like ‘The Feminist Wire’ ,‘The Aerogram’ and ‘The Missing Slate’ etc. An ex-business journalist having worked with India Today Group and IDG, Pooja now runs a content company, WordTree (www.wordtree.in).





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2 responses to “K IS FOR KANCHENJUNGA

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  2. Abdul Mubid Islam

    The composition is quite commendable and it instantly leaves the reader with the idea of the poet’s hold on the language. But the subject matter and the title do not appear as corollary to one another. The poem is basically on an abstract issue, or a more philosophical entity.

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