Sankalpa Mahanta

First draft

First draft

Once upon a time, there was a Solar System.

In the Solar System, there were eight planets and one sun. They all were good friends.

One day, they had an argument about who is the hottest and coldest. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars said, “We are the hottest.” Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune said, “We are the coldest.”

Jupiter also said, “I am the fattest and biggest.”

But the sun said, “No one is better than anyone else. We are all the same.”


DSC00839Sankalpa Mahanta is 7 years old and lives in New Delhi. He is a student of Class III in Maxfort School, Dwarka. He is interested in space and presently obsessed with dinosaurs. Naturally, his current aim in life is to be a paleontologist.

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