Iona Mandal

© Bonjita Borkotoky

© Bonjita Borkotoky

On a dark, dark night,

When the moon had no light,

In a dark, little house,

With her little pet mouse,

Lived a lonely, Good Witch.

Her nose always twitched.


Thinking and leaning over the window sill,

Feeling ill, she hurriedly took a pill.


No sooner did she shine,

With an idea really fine:

How about a holiday, to the Witch Hillside?

She opened the door and walked outside.

And not a single soul was in sight.


The creepy bats were flying around,

The world stood still, there was no sound.


To the bats she said:

“You will never regret,

Here’s a little secret.”

“Fly me to Witch Hill

And clear you bills.”

“You can earn a few pounds.

This idea is sound”.


The bats agreed to help with the broomstick

Something told them, this was not a trick.

So onto the broom stick did our Good Witch ride,

With her shiny, pointy hat smiling in pride.


When they stopped at Witch Hill,

The Witch found her three friends standing still.

“What’s wrong? Who’s robbed your gorgeous smiles?”

“Surely, I can sense something vile”.


“The Naughty Witch, used her ominous trident

She’s the tyrant, whose spell left us stiff and silent”.

“We cannot move, nor jump or bend

“Surely, it’s she who needs to be condemned”.


Despite a poor attention span,

The Good Witch thought hard on a plan.

Armed with her big, wooden cauldron spoon

She ticked her friends like animated cartoons.


The three of them danced and tossed around

The air filled with giggles and merry sounds.

The frowns seemed now to belong to the past

With happiness around it was time for a blast.


Basking in her glory, the Good Witch smiled

Relieved and excited like a child.

“I must admit, that nothing more was needed,

“Just some tickling was enough to get the spell weeded”.


iona1Iona is seven years old and reads in Year 3. She lives against the back drop of the Thames in Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. On sunny days, which are rare in London, she loves to play in the park and ride on her trike down the river. In her spare time, she loves doing ballet and learning to sing Rabindra Sangeet from her mum. Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wison are her favourite authors.


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7 responses to “ON A DARK, DARK NIGHT

  1. Tripti Gupta

    Congrates Iona ..way to go , God bless you .

  2. Shyamasri Roy

    Lovely poem Iona….keep going….Congrats!!

  3. Sangeetha Remy

    Wonderful Lil Poetess…..God Bless You

  4. Mitali SenGupta

    What a beautiful poem Iona! So proud of my talented niece! Waiting to meet you… …Mashi

  5. Jeo Kurian

    “Something told them, this was not a trick.”. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gurpreet

    Beautiful poem.

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