Passion and Practicalities

Uddipana Goswami

Crisp, letter-strewn, bookish, word-wedged © Sudeep Sen

Crisp, letter-strewn, bookish, word-wedged
© Sudeep Sen

Sometimes, just passion and a promise may not be enough. Sometimes, practical day-to-day life concerns may prevent the fulfillment of a promise made to oneself, to one’s peers, and readers – and this despite the passion that continues to propel one. Oftentimes, the things that come between a promise and its playing out are things that are unforeseen and beyond control.

And at this present time, while I am reading back to myself what I just wrote, I am quite aware that I might be sounding like I am just trying to make excuses for myself, for my team and for Northeast Review, for our delayed release this month. I am aware that over the time, over the many rich issues we so passionately put together, our readers have started growing in numbers and their expectations have also begun growing in degrees. And I can very well imagine how they might feel let down because we who undertook to put together the Northeast Review for them had too many things happening in our personal and professional lives to be able to deliver our present issue in time. However, we take consolation in the fact that we did, despite the delay, put together another substantial and significant issue for them. And we hope that going through the contents, they will condone the long wait.

We do, after all, bring to them a selection of superb photo essays that address the very act, art, politics, posture and what have you, of reading. Sumana Roy has more on The Tin Trunk for this issue: Readers Anonymous. In our regular sections, we have poets, writers and academics from all over the world turning their gaze inward, outward and some of them, towards the Northeast. We are happy to have them all featured in our journal. But most of all, we are happy to include two very young writers/artists in this issue: Dechen Tenzing and Suzanne Sangi, both in their teens, both from the Northeast, both wonderfully talented young people. Readers, watch out.


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